Security Risk Assessment

Risks and disruptions are occurring at an ever-increasing rate (cyber attacks, disease outbreaks, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, workplace violence, and more).

Your organization needs the ability to react and coordinate instantly, reduce distractions, and focus on bringing operations back to normal as quickly as possible.

Use an interactive, mobile-centric, intuitive application that instantly mobilizes response teams and centralizes critical information flows across mobile (iOS, Android) and web clients. Use it to coordinate responders and keep senior leadership effortlessly updated all during any incident.

  • Make your plans interactive and actionable
  • Mobilize your team in seconds
  • Respond from any device, anywhere
  • Understand it within seconds. Master it within minutes


  • Transform static plans into interactive workflows
  • Strengthen planning while adding flexibility
  • Help the team work better together
  • Manage everything, even on a mobile device
  • Bring remote teams together virtually
  • See progress and updates in real time